Groups and Therapies at Fresh Ground

In addition to being a church and coffeehouse, Fresh Ground also serves as a community hub. We are currently home to nearly 30 community groups that meet in our building throughout the week. At Fresh Ground, you’ll find something for all ages. Learn more about these groups below and make sure to visit our timetable to take a look at what’s happening here weekly!

Laura Tilson Osteopathy

Laura Tilson Osteopath is a therapy clinic based in the heart of Battersea’s Northcote Road. Commonly people come to see their osteopaths with neck and head aches, joint injuries and pregnancy related pain. They also offer sports massage & cranial osteopathy for babies and children. They support women through pregnancy and beyond with massage, reflexology, acupuncture and counselling psychology. For further information on how they can help you check out their website.

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Community Groups at Fresh Ground


Groups for Adults

  • Barre + Fitness Classes

  • Better Being Fitness Classes

  • Boogie Mamma - Baby Wearing Dance Class

  • Boogie Sister - Street Dance Class

  • Capoeira

  • City Salsa

  • Fit Into It - Pilates and Pre-Post Natal Pilates

  • Feeling Yogaful

  • Gill Harper Pilates

  • High Intensity Pilates

  • Holistic Body Focus - Pilates

  • Laura Freeman Yoga

  • Mojo.Me Pilates - Michelle Murray

  • Susanna Lahusen Yoga

  • Viet Vo Dao Martial Arts

  • Yoga Between the Commons

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Groups for Kids & Youth

  • Butterfly Ballet

  • Emily's Ensemble

  • Fresh Ground Youth

  • Funky Monkey Keyboard Classes

  • Good Toes Ballet

  • Happy Tots Stay-N-Play

  • Mini Mozart

  • Monkey Music